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Why work with me?

As a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and Culinary Coach my goal is to support you in meeting your health goals through food. As a mom of four and working professional, I know how hard it is to get healthy meals on the table when "life" can get in the way. I get it and I'm here to tell you there's an answer.

The Mealtime Method is your blueprint for successfully meeting your health goals AND serving simple meals to your family. You shouldn't have to choose.

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I'm ready!

Susan W.

"Thank you for these recipes.  I am making the cauliflower rice salad and pumpkin  curry tonight.  I’ve been to several nutritionists, but you were by far the most informative and helpful.  The 75% rule has already helped me develop better eating habits."

Staci F.

"I came to Jeanne to find a sustainable solution to losing my stubborn pregnancy weight.  In the four months since I began working with Jeanne, I have lost 25 pounds and counting!  The meal planning feature keeps me on track, makes grocery shopping a breeze, and most importantly I know that by following the recipes I am providing my family with delicious and healthy meals."

Susie M.

"Jeanne Petrucci is awesome! So knowledgeable about health and nutrition and she provides great recipes that I have used for over 4 years! Her recipes are my favorites!"

Your best  life awaits...

Join the Mealtime Method course that aligns with your personal health goals and start increasing your success in the kitchen [while decreasing your stress!]